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Your Step-by-Step System to Write
Landing Pages That Sell

Stop staring at a blank page and guessing what to write.

1. Open the course modules

2. Follow video guides with page templates

3. Write copy with step-by-step instruction

4. Watch as sales flood in

This course is your
re-usable system to craft landing pages that get people to buy.

Video Walkthroughs

Each landing page template comes with detailed video walkthroughs teaching you how to write landing pages that convert from start to finish. Plug and play formulas.

Framework Templates

Templates for SaaS, digital products, and freelancers. Complete with copy frameworks for every section of your landing page. Never guess what to write next.

Ebook, Exerises, Teardowns

70+ pages of formulas for headlines, CTAs, and more. Exercises to help craft compelling copy for your offer. Teardowns to establish copywriting principles that stick with you.

What Course Alumni Are Saying:

“Get this playbook. Where most marketing courses spent hours waxing poetic on David Ogilvy or Nike, Jeremy offers up tried-and-true insights to help you create landing pages that sell.

Amanda Natividad

VP of Marketing, Sparktoro

"Great practical and actionable advice that I was able to apply immediately to my landing pages. Really a game-changer for writing copy from the ground up."

Samantha Leal

Director of Marketing, Synthesis

"This right here is the best digital product I've ever seen. And I've reviewed copywriting courses more than 5x as expensive. Stop wasting time on generic tips and implement this system instead."

Kjell Vandevyvere

SaaS Copywriter

"I've been writing copy over 33 years, made millions, and am still a thirsty student willing to learn more. That's why I bought this course. And it didn't disappoint."

Michael Campbell

Internet Marketing Secrets

"I create landing pages for clients, and I've learned new formulas I can apply immediately. This course has been a game-changer to increase conversions on my landing pages. "

Logan Swift

Founder, Lofted Learning

"70 pages of actionable tips. The videos and screen captures have zero fluff and easy to implement explanations for a maximum ROI of time/value. I LOVE IT. Just what I needed"

Brice Trophardy

Founder, Copywriter HR

About your teacher: Jeremy Moser

I'm a content marketer turned entrepreneur with more than 8 years of experience in copywriting and content for big brands.

I now own and operate uSERP, a 50+ person SEO firm serving companies like monday.com, ActiveCampaign, and 100s more.

I also own Wordable, a SaaS company used by brands like Ahrefs, Stanford, Kinsta, and more.

This guided playbook is a collection of formulas and tools from hard-earned experience. I "eat my own dog food" and actually use these tactics to grow my own projects.  I can't wait for you to dive into to improve your website's copy and increase conversions.

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Site Copy Templates

Full landing page templates with copy structure, formulas, and video guidance. Never stare at a blank page. With these templates and videos, you'll know what formulas to write, where to write them, and how to modify your words to convert visitors into paying customers.

Formulas For Success

Copywriting formulas are the backbone of your landing page. With this playbook, you'll have clear direction on what formulas to use at each stage of the landing page from hero section to final call to action.

Exercises and Videos

An initial exercise will help you translate company jargon to valuable phrases readers connect with. Video-guides will help you place those phrases at key decision-making stages on the landing page to drive more conversions.

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Minutes of video content
Frameworks and formulas
This is a self-paced course and playbook you can reuse when writing any piece of website copy

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Landing page templates
50+ formulas and frameworks
Video-guided copywriting
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“Get this playbook. Where most marketing courses spent hours waxing poetic on David Ogilvy or Nike, Jeremy offers up tried-and-true insights to help you create landing pages that sell.

Amanda Natividad

VP of Marketing, Sparktoro

Frequently asked questions

Why is good landing page copywriting important?

Not sure how important landing page copy is? The average page converts at 2.35%. Well written landing pages convert at 11.45%. That means: If you were to drive 1,000 visitors to your landing page, a generic, poorly written page would maybe convert 23 visitors. A well-crafted page would convert 114+ users from that same amount of traffic. Landing page copywriting is critical for optimizing customer acquisition costs.

$300? Is that fairly priced?

Great copywriters worth their salt will charge you $1500+ per page. This course will teach you to write them on your own at a fraction of the price, time, and hassle of sourcing reliable copywriters. In this course, you will learn how to write pages that turn readers into paying customers, increasing sales. I've written hundreds of landing pages for million-dollar SaaS companies to agencies to freelancers and digital creators to increase conversion rates. I've spent years writing, testing, and tweaking to find what works — and what doesn't.

What topics are included in the course? What will I learn?

You'll learn my proven system for writing landing page copy that drives sales. Learning to write effective copy isn't just jotting down clever phrases on a page. It's making readers say "aha" and then compelling them to purchase what you offer. Learn to write great landing pages and you can drive more sales with less traffic.

Who is the course for?

Marketers, freelancers, business owners, creators, and anyone looking to (1) write a landing page that drives sales for their business or (2) write landing pages for their clients. While geared towards landing pages, this course teaches key copywriting principles that you can apply to every aspect of online marketing.

I'm ready to write landing pages that drive sales 👇

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