About Jeremy Moser

Hey! I'm Jeremy Moser, and I live in Nashville, TN, with my wife. I'm co-founder and CEO at uSERP, a 50+ person performance-driven SEO firm helping high-growth tech companies like Fivetran, Freshworks, ActiveCampaign, monday.com, and hundreds more scale profitable customer growth.

I bootstrapped the business to $500,000+ in monthly recurring revenue in our first 3.5 years.

I also own and advise my team at Wordable — a SaaS used by brands like Ahrefs, Kinsta, Stanford EDU, and more that saves them thousands of dollars per week.

I was recently selected for the 2023 Class of Forbes 30 Under 30, Marketing & Advertising!

I'm an Entrepreneur.com Leadership Advisor, sharing insights on profitable startup growth.

I used to do copywriting for major tech companies. I bundled that experience into a self-guided course here: Copy Course (ranked as a top copywriting course by Codeless)

I write a 2x weekly newsletter to 15,000+ CEOs, entrepreneurs, and marketers each week teaching them to do SEO for free.

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